About Us

About Us

Famecast Media is an intelligent audience monetization platform and network that we call FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Ecosystem). FAME solves an increasingly large workflow fragmentation problem for Creators, Media Companies, Brands, Charities and Political Campaigns. Today, reaching, engaging, managing, amplifying and monetizing audiences requires an increasing number of complex tools and skills across social media analysis & marketing, content creation, viral content distribution & syndication, data management, advertising and e-commerce.

Very few Creators (let alone organizations) possess or can acquire these skills and use all the platforms effectively. FAME leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate most of these workflows and consolidates the data and dashboards into a single platform.

FAME Benefits

Manage Audiences

Manage your online and social presence with unified management tools and platform

Create More Content

FAME’s AI analyzes your followers and tracks trending topics and conversations online to help you create content that is relevant — helping you create larger audiences

Automate Marketing

FAME automates online and social distribution and marketing, allowing you to reach more audiences with less work

Amplify Followers

FAME amplifies and grows an your audience by providing tools and AI automation to identify and reach more audiences

Monetize & Brand

FAME helps you monetize by giving you more than 20 different ways to make money: e-commerce, turnkey merchandising, subscriptions and more

Increase Engagement

FAME helps you engage your audience better with turnkey portals and apps that allows you to better engage and interact with your audience

Our Team

Rex Wong

Rex Wong

CEO & Co-Founder

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