Famecast Statement Regarding Paula Abdul and IdolEyes

LOS ANGELES, January 11, 2023 – The following statement was issued by Famecast Media CEO Rex Wong regarding Paula Abdul, her “IdolEyes” fashion glasses collection, and their relationship to Famecast Media:

“On behalf of Famecast Media, I would like to correct the record regarding recent statements and accusations that have been made on social media and in the press about Paula Abdul and her relationship with Famecast.  No design used in Ms. Abdul’s custom collection of fashion audio “IdolEyes” glasses was “stolen” by Ms. Abdul, and any suggestion to the contrary is simply untrue.  I want to unequivocally assure the public (and, most importantly, Ms. Abdul’s millions of fans) that Ms. Abdul was an unwitting victim of an honest error made by Famecast in connection with its promotion of the “IdolEyes” collection.  We at Famecast feel awful — and I, as Famecast’s CEO, am personally mortified — that Ms. Abdul has been unfairly targeted by one of Famecast’s former influencers as a result of Famecast’s conduct.”

“To be clear, Ms. Abdul has worked closely and extensively with Famecast for months to design her custom “IdolEyes” collection, and the styles and audio features of that collection are unique to Ms. Abdul and no one else.  Prior to the recent accusations by an individual with whom Famecast previously did business,  Ms. Abdul was never told about Famecast’s association with that individual, nor did she have any knowledge of the potential designs that Famecast had worked on with that creator.”

“As Famecast’s CEO, I wish to personally apologize to Ms. Abdul for the fact that she has been dragged into an unfortunate situation that she had nothing to do with.  Ms. Abdul deserved better from us, and we let her down.  We have the utmost respect for Ms. Abdul, and are committed to never letting something like this happen again.”

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